Charts for Textured Knitting with Two Strands in Contrasting Colors


This blanket was knitted using the holding position and has 11 pie-shaped wedges with a purl rose on each one.
There are many motifs one could put on it, here are a few others. Click for larger chart.
Here is a small rose.
A tall flower.
This flower stands out nicely too.
Or maybe a star?
When there is a lot of contrast between colors, the second color seems to stand out more but you can still make out the design.
These two are done a little differently because not only are stitches converted but the background is in two colors also.
A few borders, maybe you can use one of them.
More Borders......
And just a few more.....!

The nice thing about two color, two strand knitting is that the converted designs really stand out a lot, even just a narrow border. I hope you will try this technique!


2 Color, 2 Strand Textured Knitting How-To

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