Bobby Pin Needle Selector Tool

Just when you thought you had heard all you wanted about bobby pins, here's something else you can make with them! :)

To make a double-sided tool, you'll need the same supplies you did for the cast-on comb and the garter bar:

  1. 2 12" rulers per tool
  2. Bobby Pins (leftover halves will do, the crimped side works well
  3. Carpenter's Glue
  4. Clamps to hold things together
  5. Fine line pen or pencil
  6. Freezer or Masking Tape
  7. Needle Nose Pliers

Mark Lines on Ruler

Lay ruler blank side up on needle bed, right against needle butts. You can either mark the center of each needle channel on both edges of the ruler or only the channels that you'll need for the size needle selector you are making.

If you were going to make the 1x2 selector on one side and the 1x3 selector on the other side, you would only have to make those marks. In order to get straight lines though it might be better to put marks on both sides of the ruler.

Shape Pins:

To put pins on both sides, you'll want them all to be less than half the width of the ruler, otherwise they would get in each others way. I made mine very short and used three together each time.

I broke them off with the pliers after the 4th crimp past the turned up side, it really doesn't have to be exact, as long as they're not longer than half the ruler's width.

Position Pins:

Put glue along both edges of ruler. Position three pins together so that center pin is right in the center of the line made on ruler and the part that turns down begins at the edges. You would want them all facing in the same direction. The center pin of the first 3-pin group on each side of the ruler (2 in all) should be longer than the other two. (See picture) This will serve as a guide for the others.

Position pins on both sides according to the needle selector that you want to make. Add more glue, then put second ruler on top. Clamp together till dry. That's it!

It isn't fancy but it works. Since rulers are so cheap you could put pins on one side only and use the other side for pushing your needles back against the bed. In that case you would want to leave the pins a bit longer since you would want to let the one ruler overlap the other to take advantage of the beveled edge that has the metal strip. Two pins might be enough side by side but I wanted to be sure in case my spacing was a bit off. You could make as many as you want in whatever arrangement you need!

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