Christmas Projects

It's still early, but no reason why we couldn't get started already! Let me know if you have problems with any of the patterns!


How about knitting a mini-mitten, hat, and sock as decoration for either your wreath, a gift, or the Christmas tree? Knitted on either the Bond or LK150 - items are between 2-2 1/2" tall.
The leaf lace pattern from Kathleen Kinder's book "The Technique of Lace" can be used to make all kinds of things, like this candleholder or the poinsettia below.
Knit this very easy braided Christmas wreath with 4-ply yarn. Knitted with keyplate 3, it is about 13" in diameter. The candy cane is a simple i-cord with just 4 stitches.
A lace bow that goes well with the braided wreath. Also knitted with 4-ply yarn in an allover easy lace pattern.
How about a gingerbread man, 3 1/2" tall, for a wreath decoration? He is double-sided but knitted in one piece, then the edges overcast. No need to sew in the ends, they can be stuffed inside!
The poinsettia is knitted from a simple leaf lace pattern. I should have added more bobbles but got in a hurry. With the intarsia keyplate or the regular keyplate in the carriage minus the wire guide, you can knit all 5 petals at the same time. Again, knitted with 4-ply yarn, 5" diam.
This star is knitted with three strands of metallic crochet cotton and the holding position. It's about 6 inches in diameter. Might also make a nice Christmas coaster?


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This page last updated on 24-November-2002