Slightly Scalloped, Doubled Hem/Edging  
Slightly Scalloped, Doubled Edging with a Touch of Texture
Scalloped Ribbing
Purl Rose
All edgings were knitted with Bernat Softee Baby Yarn and Knitsmart keyplate 15.
Lightly Scalloped, Doubled Hem/Edging
E-wrap groups of 2 ndls, leaving every 3rd in NWP. Knit until there are 6 ladders (5 rows).

Bring 3rd, then every 6th ndl back to WP. Fill these needles with purl bumps of row below from the 2 ndls on each side of them. Knit until there are 12 ladders.

Bring remaining empty ndls to WP. With transfer tool, pick up and hang 5 ladders below those ndls on each one. Knit 7 rows.

Rehang e-wrap: Hang e-wrap end loops (2 strands) on end needles. Hang loops above ladders on the needles which had the 5 ladders deposited on them. Hang the two center loops (4 strands total) within each group of five needles on the center needle. If
necessary, put ndls in FWP. Knit across. Continue to knit in stockinet stitch or other pattern.
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Lightly Scalloped, Doubled Hem/Edging with a Touch of Texture
E-wrap groups of 2 needles, leaving every 3rd in NWP. Knit until there are 12 ladders.

Bring all needles back to WP. On the 3rd and every 6th needle thereafter hang a purl bump
from the needle on each side of it from the row below (2 purl bumps on those needles).

On the remaining empty needles between groups of five stitches, hang 5 ladders from below those needles.

Knit 7 rows. Rehang e-wrap loops as in sample above. Bring needles to FWP if necessary.
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Scalloped Ribbing

E-wrap groups of 7 needles, leaving every 8th needle in NWP. (I added an extra needle at each end so I wouldn't have to reform the first and last stitches.)

Knit three, four, or five rows depending on the depth of scallop you would like (for the sample I knitted 3 rows). Reform 2d and every other stitch to knit so that a stitch on both sides of the needle that is out of work is reformed to a knit stitch. I did not reform the very first row after the e-wrap so when I knitted 3 rows, I only dropped the stitch down 2 rows.

Bring all empty needles to working position and hang the ladders that have formed below on them.

Continue to knit, reforming as many more rows to knit/purl as you want the length of the ribbing to be. For a wider scallop, add 2 extra needles per group.

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Purl Rose
E-wrap groups of needles, let's say, you could start with 2 groups of 5, then put a needle between them in NWP, then e-wrap 2 groups of 7 with a needle in NWP between them, then 2 groups of 9, etc. This would give you petals of different widths or you could make them all the same width.

Knit for about four or five rows, then bring empty needles back to working position and hang ladders that have formed on each of them.

Knit another two rows, then change to a larger keyplate and knit one more row. Crochet bind off with latchet tool.

Form rose bud with first petal, then wrap other petals around it, sewing them in place at the base with the yarn tail. You could also add green leaves.......

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