Filet Knitting

This technique produces square eyelets and of all the laces, I think, it looks most like filet crochet. With a smaller gauge knitting machine you can make pretty detailed pictures but on the Bond it is a bit more limited.

I've tried two methods:

This chart shows how you would knit, for instance, the letter "A":

Letters or pictures can be knitted up and down or sideways but the chart has to be reversed either way. Here is a picture I charted in DAK that could be filet-knitted:

Here is an ABC chart:

Here is a portion of a sample I knitted:

I thought the letters were too tall and too close together, so I recharted them. I think this would work well with a sports weight cotton yarn too, I used Bernat Baby Sports yarn and Keyplate 15. This technique might look nice as a picture, wall hanging, or possibly a pillow cover?

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This page updated 6-September-1999