Norwegian Style Fair-Isle

Sweater Chart

I saw this in one of the early Bond magazines as an example of Norwegian knitting.
There was no chart nor any instructions so I made a chart from the picture.
I think this would work for any style drop shoulder sweater, either with
or without a stand-up collar.


One repeat of the pattern is shown, more can be added to both sides
to make it as wide as needed. The same chart is used for the sleeves also.
If you would like me to incorporate this into a gridded sweater pattern for you (I have this pattern in my DAK program) just
email me with specificics like the size you need, your gauge, etc. and I'll give it a shot!

To make the sweater longer or shorter, you could knit less or more
of the small motifs between the top and bottom border
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This page last updated on 2-September-1999