Sideways Knitted Shrug

Knitted with Red Heart Yarn, keyplate 3, and finished with the pie crust edging. There is quite a bit of increasing and decreasing but it still only took one evening to knit.

Since the back was a bit loose, I added a row of chainstitching all the way around on the inside right below the pie crust edging but I think that next time I would use elastic thread instead for the extra stretch. I normally use a size 38 but picked a size 36 for this since I thought it should be more closely fitted. Designaknit is really an amazing program, you can make up just about any shape you can think of and it will figure out how to knit it for you. I just wish it weren't so expensive!! If you would like to try this, click here for the knitting chart.

Here are the schematics for the shape, the squares represent inches:



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