Slip Stitch Patterns

I have rearranged the page a bit so I can add more slip stitch patterns. The first two are still on the same page together with the knitting instructions. I knit all slip stitch patterns with the intarsia keyplate minus the wire guide so the instructions would be the same for all these patterns. Since I made up that very first chart, I have learned that one can copy charts to the clipboard and open them in other programs, neato! Back then I thought I had to print them out first so I could add text! Live and learn.....

Slip Stitch Pattern 1

Slip Stitch Pattern 2
Six rows are knitted in Color A, 2 rows in Color B, 6 rows in Color C, then 2 rows in Color B again.
The floats across the fabric create texture. This pattern is easy to work and doesn't require much looking at the chart.

If you are looking for a book with lots of knitting techniques and patterns, "The Harmony Guide to Machine Knitting Stitches" is really a good one. Even though it is mainly written for punch card machines, each section has instructions on how to translate the charts for manual machines. Nope, I don't have any stock in that company (wish, wish!) but I use that book a lot!

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