Converting Handknitting Stitches to Machine Knitting

If you're anything like me, you've had a hard time now and then converting HK instructions to the Bond. Since most of the decreases for, i.e., lace patterns in hand knitting take place on the right side, but we're always looking at the wrong side of the knitting, it means that we have to visualize which way a particular stitch leans on the front, then do the opposite on the side we're working on. So here is an attempt to show some of the more common ones, please let me know if you think of others I could add!



HK Sample
- - - - - Stitch Definition - - - - -
MK Symbol
MK Sample


This page will continue to be a work in progress, it takes a while to knit all the stitches by hand, scan them (I'm hoping Santa, aka DH, will bring me a digital camera!) and then do the same with the machine knitted samples, but I will add to them whenever I can. Any input will be appreciated!

I am not real happy with the symbols, I think they look so much alike that they often confuse me when I'm knitting from a chart. I wish I could think of something that stands out more, any ideas??

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